⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTICE ⚠️ As of the 1st January 2023, ADDIS ABABA DENTAL CLINIC fuses with the ROYAL DENTAL CLINIC. ALL OUR TREATMENTS will now be provided in the offices of the ROYAL DENTAL CLINIC.

Top 10 Dental Clinics in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Best Dentists near You

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best dental clinic in Addis Ababa

Are you wondering which dental clinic in Addis Ababa to visit?

I have asked patients visiting our clinic several times the following question: When looking for a dental clinic to treat you, what criteria do you consider?

Of the hundreds of responses I received, here are the answers that often came up:

  • A clinic with a very good reputation, with years of experience in dentistry
  • Qualified dentists with a good academic background and experience in dental care
  • A well-equipped and clean environment
  • Punctuality in appointments and respect for patients’ time
  • Parents often mention a kind, friendly and calming staff that does not make children anxious
  • And a clinic and staff that are people-oriented, not money-oriented

In view of all these parameters, in this article I have made a list of the top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa apart from our own, the Addis Ababa Dental Clinic.

Our dental clinic also sometimes recommends other clinics to our patients for treatments that we do not offer or that we are no longer able to offer for material reasons.

This ranking of the top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa takes into account:

  • The recognized skills of the dentists in the medical field of dentistry
  • The quality of the treatment materials
  • The setting and environment of the clinics
  • The customer service
  • And the seniority of the clinics

So here are the top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa :



Addis Ababa Dental Clinic is our clinic.

Since praising ourselves would be like false advertising, we will not be considered as part of this ranking of top dental clinics in Addis Ababa.

However, the Addis Ababa Dental Clinic is indeed one of the top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa. That’s why it is still relevant to mention it in such a ranking.

Addis Ababa Dental Clinic is located in Bole, near Bole-Medhanialem Church, not far from Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our senior dental expert is a professional from South Korea.

He completed his university studies in Korea and the USA and accumulated a decade of experience in dentistry before immigrating to Ethiopia where he is now practicing in our dental clinic.

Our expert dentist is a dental surgeon specialized in orthodontics (realignment of teeth) and dental restoration (repair of teeth).

The medical staff of Addis Ababa Dental Clinic easily serves patients who speak English, Amharic and Korean.

Our treatment materials come mostly from the United States. They are carefully washed and sterilized between each patient to avoid any risk of cross contamination.

And the clinic is cleaned and disinfected several times a day, especially during the Covid period.

It is in view of all this that our patients usually include Addis Ababa Dental Clinic in their top 10 best clinics in Addis Ababa.

Services :

  • Cosmetic Dentistry : Teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental bonding, tooth polishing
  • Orthodontics : Teeth braces, Invisalign
  • Prosthodontics : Veneers, dental crown, dental bridge, partial denture and complete denture
  • Others : Denal care for children, scaling and root planning, root canal treatment, dental implants, dental restoration, fillings, tooth extraction

Phone contact : +251 988447778

Email : addisdental@gmail.com

Location : Next to Bole-Medhanialem Church, near Edna Mall, Cameroon Street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Website : www.dentalclinicinaddisababa.com


addis-ababa-dental-clinic-interior-4 addis-ababa-dental-clinic-interior-1




Patients reviews of Royal Dental Clinic contains statements like :

“The best dental clinic in the town. The staffs, starting from the reception to the treatment room are cheerful, efficient & knowledgeable. They are professiona, very thorough in examination and explanation.”

“This is the only dental clinic I will go to in Ethiopia. I am being followed up in the Royal Dental Clinic for over 3 years and I am always satisfied by the service. The Royal Dental Clinic has excellent staff which are all very nice and know what they are doing. They explain the procedure and treatments very well. I feel very comfortable at this dental clinic.”

“Royal Dental Clinic team. My kids love them, the assistants are always greeting with smiles. I highly recommend this dental clinic to everyone that is looking for the best dentists in Addis Ababa!”

Dental professionals review :

Royal Dental Clinic is a legitimate top 10 dental clinic in Addis Ababa.

The machinery and treatments are modern. The staff is qualified and the customer service pleases the patients.

Services :

Contemporary Orthodontic treatment (Braces), Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders., Removable partial dentures and full denture, Extraction of damaged teeth,  Prosthodontics (Using USA made ceramics – -Crowns), Root Canal Therapy (RCT), Pit and fissure sealant, Management of night tooth clenching or nbiting, Implantology treatment, Periodontal (Gingival) therapy, Restoration, Minor Oral surgery and gingivoctomy, Scaling of the teeth, Bleaching, Inlay and on lay procedures,

Phone contact : 0118671127 Mob: 0977-313167

Email : info@royaldethiopia.com

Location : Beside Mafi-Mall, 4th floor, BlueMoon Building, Cameroon St, Addis Ababa 1111.





Patients reviews :

‘A dental clinic that provides exemplary care that focuses on the person and their well-being. The staff at the Dr. Senait Dental Clinic was incredibly kind and the dentists I had the opportunity to consult with were gifted. The surgery was performed with delicacy and with an ease that is indicative of a medical department with a high quality of education that cannot be found anywhere else in Addis. ‘’

Dental professionals review :

Dr. Senait Dental Clinic opened in Addis Ababa in 2016. It is also one of the top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa. The director and hief dentist of the clinic the highly trained and reputable dentist, Dr. Senait Habte.

The Dr Senait Habte studied at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, in Massachusetts, USA. Born and raised in Addis Ababa, even though Dr. Senait practiced dentistry in the US, she decided to relocate to Ethiopia with the goal of offering a US standard dental care services in her home country.

The Dr Senait Dental Clinic employs up-to-date methods and aims to continuously update the practice to give its patients the highest level of care.

Services :

General dentistry, endodontics / root canal treatment, orthodontics, cosmetic / restorative dentistry, periodontal treatment, oral surgery, paediatric dentistry, prosthodontics / prosthetic dentistry, dental hygiene

Phone contact : +251 941 838383, +251 947 838383

Email : todrsenait@gmail.com

Location : The Clinic is located off Bole Road, Wello Sefer, Fetle Building, 2nd Floor

(next to Medco Bio-Medical College)





Patients reviews :

“The Dr. Emebt Higher Special Dental Clinic is beautiful and clean. It’s rarely one would see ANY place with such upkeep and professionalism. Call them ahead to get your records and get listed for appointment. Their dental equipments are modern and their staff is very friendly. They are very experienced with kids too. Not cheap but worth every penny.”

Dental Professionals Review:

Dr. Emebet Special Higher Dental Clinic is definitely one the best 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Emebet Special Higher Dental Clinic has a team of 4 certified dentists proficient in their Specialties. The are in business since 1991 founded by Dr. Emebet, a respected top dentist in the whole Ethiopia.

Services :

Orthodontics, Root Canals, Pedodontics, Periodontics, Dental Extraction, Dental Implants, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic/esthetic Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Endodontics, Sedation Dentistry and Oral Implantology.

Phone contact : +251-911-404917, +251-116-181357

Email : info@dremebetclinic.com

Location : Menarol Building, Fikremariam Aba Techan St, Addis Ababa



Dental Professionals review

Starting from here, all the following dental clinics have demonstrated a good dentistry knowledge, an up to standard materials and a pleasant patient care in majority. To get more information these top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa, please get in touch directly with them.




Patients reviews :

“I  got 6 beautiful front crowns done at Zan Dental & Orthodontic Speciality Clinic. My crowns look so natural and I cannot stop smiling now. The processes and procedures went smooth. The clinic staff is great, extremely friendly. Thank you so much!! Best dentists in Ethiopia!! “

Services :

Oral Examination, Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Teeth Whitening, Extraction, Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Cleaning/Gum Disease Care. Orthodontics, Cosmetic Treatment

Phone contact : +251-945-535353

Email : zandentalclinic@gmail.com

Location : Bole, Atlas few Meters away from Desalegn hotel, Tirtira building 5th floor.





Patients reviews :

“Dental treatment is one of the most important issues that one worries in getting the right place. It was with a friends recommendation I went to the Gojeb Specialities Dental Clinic. They were founded in 1975.  I’ve been treated in this dental clinic everytime I am in Addis Ababa since 2006. I feel comfortable and confident to receive their service. They are very professionals, who may give you the best care and quality service that lasts longer. “

Services :

Oral care, dental extraction, orthodontics …

Phone contact : +251 111566521, +251 111566296

Email : Non available

Location : 2QH4+X9H, Dej. Jote St, Addis Ababa





Patients reviews :

“I had to book a last minute appointment a the Dr Ibrahim Dental Clinic due to travel. After explaining my situation to Dr Ibrahim, he scheduled an appointment with me the same day and was extremely experienced and friendly. I was really impressed with how clean the dental clinc facilities were and all the precautions taken due to the pandemic. “

Services :

General dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Pediatric dentistry, Periodontal treatment, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Extraction, Orthodontics Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry

Phone contact : 0938785252

Email : Non available

Location : 2P8Q+JHW, Burundi St, Addis Ababa





Patients reviews :

“When I went to Dr. Sara Higher Specialized Dental Clinic, I was in need of an urgent appointment which I received to my satisfaction. The dental clinic is excellently clean and professionally staff. I was warmly welcomed and well informed of every procedure along my dental treatment. I am very pleased with the outcome of my treatment and can highly recommend Dr. Sara Higher Specialized Dental Clinic. “

Services :

Orthodontics, dental filling, scaling and root planning, root canal treatment

Phone contact : 0929111400

Email : sarah20000@talktalk.net

Location : XQVR+H29, Cameroon St, Addis Ababa





Patients reviews :

“The most profesional dental clinic i ever get to know in addis. Keepup the good work Seben Speciality Dental Clinic ! “

Services :

General dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, implant, maxilofacial surgery, dental imajing, Root canal treatment, Extractions, Braces & Implants, Zoom teeth whitening, Fixed prosthesis or Dental crown

Phone contact : 0911248702

Email : sebendental@gmail.com

Location : djibuti st , 22. Townsquare mall 5th floor, Addis Ababa 1000





Patients reviews :

“Dalian speciality Dental Clinic is another one of the top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.they have a team of three certified professional dentists, an orthodontist, a Maxillofacial surgeon, numerous  assistants, and dental technicians. The staff is passionate about the science and art of dentistry. “

Services :

Cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics, dental hygiene, pediatric dentistry,emergency care, endodontics, digital xrays

Phone contact : 0912638003

Email : dentaldalian@gmail.com

Location : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Bole Medhanialem, 2753





Patients reviews :

“Great experience at Mina Dent Special Dental Clinic. Dr.Fakhia & Dr.Mohammed are one of the best dentists in Addis Ababa. The Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel like a part of the clinic family plus Dr.Fakhia & Dr.Mohammed always smile.😁 Their smile make you feel like your in your own home which is very important. The price is also fair. May Allah beside your business. May Allah reward you guys for all the work done on my teeth. Thank you so much “

Services :

General dentistry, braces, cleaning, oral examination …

Phone contact : 0113206220

Email : Non available

Location : Azad Building, Egypt St, Addis Ababa





Patients reviews :

“I needed a IPR for my Invisalign treatment, which I had started in Europe. At Green Life Specialty Dental Clinic, the same technique and material was used and the price was very adequate. The staff was friendly and helpful and I got my appointment very quickly. The are one of the best dental clinics in Addis Ababa “

A reliable clinic in the top 10 dental clinics in Addis Ababa.

Services :

Teeth cleaning, dental extraction, orthodontic braces, tooth restoration …

Phone contact : 098 821 2222

Email : robsonchala@gmail.com

Location : 2Q2H+HP Addis-Abeba





Patients reviews :

“I had a great experience at Babi Speciality Dental Clinic. Customer service was great . I had a root cannal treatment and filing done at the denal clinic. The treatment was done properly. Please go and see🙏 “

Services :

General dentistry

Phone contact : 0921948494

Email : samidental4@hotmail.com

Location : XQGC+5V Addis-Abeba





Patients reviews :

“I paid an urgent visit to Smile Speciality Dental Center with a great deal of pain on my tooth. I was contemplating to going to UAE or United States to receive proper dental services, but with the help of Dr Selam and her solid team, I was given the highest priority. The staff of the clinic was able to attend to me immediately. In Addition to being as clean as an American dental clinic, Smile Speciality Dental Center is also very impressive considering their knowledge and professional courtesy.

I highly recommend Smile Speciality Dental Center to anyone seeking professional dental service “

Services :

Tooth Whitening, crown…

Phone contact : 0904222324

Email : Non available

Location : XQRH+CPF, Rwanda St, Addis Ababa





Patients reviews :

“The service at the Oracare Specialty Dental Clinic is excellent and they know what they are doing with your teeth.“

Services :

Oral care, braces, veneers, dental crowns, tooth cleaning, …

Phone contact : 0911607459

Email : Non available

Location : 2P3R+2F, Addis Ababa



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